Install on USB Flash Drive

Glass Pilot

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Sep 17, 2005
This may sound dumb, as I'm not a super techno dude. Here's my question. Could I run the LogBook Pro application off of a USB flash drive? They have drives over 1 gigabytes now and that should be more than enough to run the program.

My company has EFB's in the airplanes that run on a notebook tablet PC with 2 USB ports. I was thinking how cool it would be if I had my LogBook Pro on a little key chain flash drive and could plug it into the tablet PC while flying and add my flights as I fly them. Then when I get home I could save a back up to my home PC.

I'd like to know if this is:

1.) possible, and,

2.) how this would work with the licencing agreement. I understand you licence a copy of LogBook Pro to a computer. It seems it would make more sense to license the copy to the pilot, not the PC. Perhaps enforcement is the problem with this concept.

Anyway, please let me know if this could work. In my head it seems GREAT but might not work in reality.

Thanks in advance.

I responded to your support ticket asking the same information several days ago that this is not possible as the application (Logbook Pro) must be installed to Windows Operating System. The software must be activated with your purchased license. You can backup your data file to removable media such as a USB drive, but Logbook Pro itself cannot be installed to a removable drive.