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Resolved Flight Log Reports Entirely Blank


Mar 10, 2007
Louisville, KY SDF
Hi, I'm trying to print an updated copy of my logbook, but all Flight Log reports dealing with the Split Reports or Jeppesen Reports return blank pages with no data except for the year, regardless of date range. Any of the other Reports successfully and accurately (at least at first glance) populate with the logbook data (even within the Flight Log subgroup reports). The only reports I can not generate deal directly with presenting the logbook itself. I saw a similar post from a couple of years ago, but did not see if htere was a successful outcome. This is being run on a Windows 10 Surface Pro if it matters. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Is this a custom report template or default report?

Try uninstall, reboot, reinstall from NC Software Downloads

Make sure you’re hitting ALL DATA on the lower left of the date filter window (try this first)