Custom Flight Log Report Problem

Jay Chandler

Mar 28, 2005
Hi There,
In the aircraft set up options I have changed the power characteristics to add single turbine helicopter
and twin turbine helicopter.
If I generate a standard summary report by power characteristics (in fact any of the standard reports), the breakdown is correctly displayed.
However if I try and produce a custom flight log, and edit any of the columns under the Aircraft Category and Class section to include single turbine and twin turbine helicopter (rather than just rotorcraft, or turbine helicopter) neither of these options are available in either the Category, Class, Classification or Power sections of the drop down box for the data field.
Logbook Pro obviously has the distinction somewhere in it's code because it produces the headings on the summary reports, but is there any way I can get a full flight log to show the data this way.
To Clarify - Under the "Aircraft Category and Class" Header of the flight log, I want to have the following columns populated:
Piston Aircraft, Turbojet Aircraft, single Turbine Helicopter, Twin Turbine Helicopter
Hello Jay,

It sounds like you add a custom addition to the drop down lists in the Options/Aircraft configuration for a type but your custom option is not available in places you need it? Please clarify.

The main place those customizations are used for is the Reports/Aircraft/Aircraft Configuration Summary report. Please review this report and see if it reflects the totals of the added item you're looking for.
Hi Neal,
Yes that's exactly correct. (Image 4)

The custom changes are visible, and correctly shown in all of the standard logbook pro generated summary reports, but they are not available in the complete custom flight log template.

I have included two images that may help to explain. Image 2 is a section from the aircraft configuration totals summary,image 3 is from the report designer.
I hope that helps


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