Installation Error


New member
Oct 20, 2008
While attempting to install Palm Companion, I get an error message (1925) stating that I need Administrator privileges to continue. I am logged in as the Administrator. Any suggestions?
If you're using Vista then you'll need to disable User Account Control only during the install of the Logbook Pro Palm Companion software to your PC. This is our only installer that is not yet UAC friendly. To disable User Account Control go to the Windows Control Panel User Accounts area, disable User Account Control, reboot, then install the Logbook Pro Palm Companion to your PC, HotSync to install to your PDA, HotSync again to initialize the data. You can now re-enable UAC as this only affects the installer.

I apologize for any inconvenience.
That solved the problem. Thanks.
Another question...
Is there a way to move custom or additional fields from Logbook Pro onto the Palm system so that data from those fields can be merged?
Yes, custom columns are available on the PDA. When they are defined in the Options...Custom area of Logbook Pro PC Edition they will be available from the drop down navigator to the custom column areas on the top right of the Logbook Pro Palm Companion screen.