Instructor/Student Dbase


Aug 22, 2002
Great product!

A few suggestions though. (I'll skip the To: From:, Locking fields etc since they have been addressed/forums/emoticons/smile.gif

1. Add a student and instructor database, which is searchable and customizable for reports... I like to be able to run a report on how many times I have flown with a certain instructor/student. I know with a custom field, I can simply add their names, but an actual database entry like you have for the aircraft would really rock.

2. Airport database. Nothing fancy. Just a database that lists all of the airports (again, like the N Numbers). GPS coords, freqs, etc are not really necessary... although others might like to see them.

I had a few other ideas, but can't remember what they were. Guess they weren't that good.


I agree with the student database in particular. As an instructor I would REALLY like to be able to examine how much time I have spent with a customer, with the additional capability of choosing the date range, similar to the way the Analyzer does for aircraft types with N-numbers sublisted. I.e., the type would either be type would be 'type of training (e.g. private, multi, CFI, flt review, other)' and sublisted 'Mike Jones, Doug Williams, Mary Smith' etc. /forums/emoticons/erm.gif

Chris Parks