Things that need to fixed


Aug 1, 2005
I have been using APDL and Logbook Pro for about 8 months now and the following are some glitches that need to be fixed to really call this a high quality program:

Synching APDL to LBP with more than one trip on the same day..right now it will not import but one of the trips so you have to manually input the others...then when you do this it probably is not in the proper more manual entries.

Converting block time from time entered to tenths is fine for a private pilot to maintain his time but for a professional pilot who is limited by regulation how many hours/minutes they can fly this is not satisfactory.

Inputing a default aicraft type is not acceptable either. LBP should have a database of Aircraft/N number/ship numbers/type to draw from. The whole idea of a computer program is having the capacity to draw from stored information to complete entries quickly and accurately.

I ll bet you have heard these before and probably have addressed them in the forum but, I felt it was necessary for me to bring them up to you from my experience. The LBP is really a nice product as is but would be the cats meow for me it these few hiccups were addressed....thanks neal and dont take this as someone just throwing rocks...
look forward to the updated version.