A list of stuff you guys are working on?


Dec 19, 2003
I've been using ADPL for a couple years, and since then there have been a few bugs squashed, but no big features added to the software. There have been tons of really great suggestions put in these forums that could make the software better, yet it seems they're always greeted with the response "we'll add that to the list". I would like to know if NCSoftware could be a little less secretive with this list and keep your faithful users updated as to the which features you're planning on adding (based on popularity, etc.) and approximate date.

I know developers never like to commit to a particular date, and that is completely understood, but right now I feel like posting a feature request is wasted typing. I'll get the default cut and paste answer and never hear about it again. You'll need to do better at keeping us informed of feature updates that are in the works.