List of fixes and improvements


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Jun 8, 2008
Judging from the amount of input on the forums it seems most everyone is excited about working with and getting used to the new APDL (are you officially calling it APDL 117 or do you have a different name for it?) and everyone has questions about a function or feature, either how it works or when will it get fixed or installed.
My question is this: For those of us who understand that it won't be perfect out of the gate and are willing to work with you on making it better, is there a list of priorities for fixes and features in the order that they will be addressed or added? And, if so, how much input do we as the end user have on that list? Maybe some type of poll or survey to determine the importance of various features and functions. Or is that something the beta testers have already done?
Obviously fixing the items that aren't working properly would take precedence over items that are yet to be added but it would be nice to know how far down the list that specific feature or function that we are waiting for might be.
Hello Rob,

"APDL" is the official name (and for those that don't know the past it stands for Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook). We are working on a maintenance release presently fixing reported issues, adding more tweaks to things we've spotted, and the big effort presently is a thorough review and revisit of the "What If" system thanks to Phil (pcohen's) feedback as we have found a few issues needing attention there. Our goal at release was Legality and a stable app but there are many more areas we have planned to finish and then add with literally years of great ideas to implement. Pay is up next, we know that is high on everyone's list and continue with user feedback. We do have an internal roadmap and task tracker but unfortunately that has to remain private. We have about five phases planned right now for the first half of the year which may extend further as we are terrible at predicting time in the developer world. Logbook Pro Desktop is undergoing a significant update to include APDL import, Logbook Pro Mobile has significant updates in the work, etc. We look forward to any and all feedback as you use the app in the field and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. You can post suggestions here or on the User Voice system so others can vote and rank them. We have only just begun...and of course we could have kept this in development for years more but at some point we need to let you use what we have and keep on working. For a very first release APDL is phenomenal, it's stable, and it's effective for its purpose. No software, not even Logbook Pro Desktop 17+ years old, Logbook Pro Mobile 4-1/2 years old is perfect. As the OS's continue to evolve such as iOS 8 has some great features we look forward to tap into as well as Apple Watch releasing very soon we have never ending work and ideas of making things better. As the theme of our home page, this is the beginning of a new era. We are thrilled with what we created and we are excited for the future in arming pilots with great tools such as APDL has always provided.
Thanks for the feedback. For what it's worth, my opinion is that you were right to release it as it is and allow the general user base to continue to find and help correct the remaining items. Glad to know the pay/credit portion will be getting attention, although I haven't had enough time with it to know its limits and deficiencies. I am very much looking forward to being able to sync with LBP. That's the only thing keeping me from retiring my Palm. The other thing I'm having problems with, as we've discussed elsewhere, is the Schedule Importer functionality with airport ready reserve not importing and preventing other trips from importing and even the inability to manually build a trip with airport ready reserve. It seems like if I start with an airport ready reserve as the only item on the day, as soon as I add a flight leg the airport ready goes away as a line item.
But remember that that particular "non-flying data" is considered to be Flight Duty Period. If APDL is developed with Part 117 at its core, it should be able to import everything that effects FDP and rest.
I completely understand, it's just not what the schedule importer was designed for but it's not saying we can't add that capability with our new architecture. For now the beta testers have been manually entering that info.
It really isn't a big deal to manually enter a ready reserve assignment, takes all of 10 seconds. As a New Yorker might say "hey, I'm just sayin'". I also just entered my first split-duty assignment. I originally imported it and was getting alerts on rest. Then went to the documentation and learned how to enter it manually. No problems there. At least there's not an airport ready with it.