iPad App: Visibility of All Flights

This x 100.

The app is pretty worthless and so is the "cloud sync" if you don't have access to your data on your mobile devices. I'm very suprised this isn't available in a V2 app.

What is the timeline for implementing this?
Hello Chip,

The app is designed to be an extension of your PC logbook, fast data entry of new items, review of your reports/stats, and simple sync. It is not necesssarily a good idea to have your entire logbook on a device as they aren't nearly as powerful as a PC. It could lead to corruption, an extremely slow app, and some people that would use it as their sole logbook could end up losing it, losing everything, etc. I suggest taking a look at this newsletter article where we discuss this in a poking pun at "Logbook Pro Watch Edition" warning people of this concept, and sure enough it happens all too often as we hear nightmares of other apps with total data loss such as happened with the iOS 5 upgrade, etc.

As devices become more powerful we will consider a full stand-alone logbook option with full sync of other logbooks such as PC, Web, etc. For now we are acting in your best interest by providing a solution that will be reliable, simple and fast to use, and effortless.

Thank you for your feedback. We hope the free apps we offer will help you keep your Logbook Pro PC edition logbook up-to-date with minimal effort.
I think there's a misunderstanding of the request. I already am a paying customer, including cloud sync. But what the apps lack, is exactly what I'm paying for, the sync feature. I can't see my flights and the data I've entered, unless I entered it on that specific device. The problem is, I have an iPad, an iPhone and a PC. exactly what am I paying for with he cloud sync?
DATA is a one way sync from device to the PC to allow you to quickly enter new information while away from your PC. The reports on the device represent all of your information from the PC. The app, as stated on our web site and App Store, is not designed to be a stand-alone application but an app to allow you to enter new information while away from your main logbook and effortlessly sync to your main logbook. For more information please review the resources available on our web site:

Documentation: Logbook Pro Documentation

Video Tutorials: NC Software Video Library

If you have any further questions let us know.
OK, so the link you provided:Logbook Pro Documentation
clearly states:
"Logbook Pro enables you to track your Certificates, Ratings, Medicals, Flight Reviews, Historical data, and Flights (actual or sim) and view detailed and extensive reports."
How do I view all my Flights on my iPad and my iPhone as stated able above?
wow, really? A semantics reply to a paying customer about a misrepresented feature?

I'm sure that will go over well with others who read this...

Thanks for your help, hopefully NC Software will have the engineering and software development resources to make good on their feature set in the very near future.
Our design is a fast and effortless sync system to allow you to enter new information on the device and sync to the cloud, then pull from the cloud when you're back at your PC. You have access to your full logbook data via the reports area. You can edit information your device and resync at any time, flights will not duplicate, they will synchronize both in the cloud as well as at the PC should a resync be accomplished.

If you have any further questions please let us know or contact us via our help desk. We'll gladly assist you further.

Have a great day.