iPad not matching iphone


New member
Nov 17, 2021
Hello. Using logbook pro on iPhone. Recently purchased an iPad and installed logbook pro. Clicking sync on both devices, but flight from iPhone not showing up on new iPad. I’m guessing I am doing something wrong. Help appreciated.
DATA does not sync across devices. The mobile devices are used to add new data and sync to your master logbook (PC) which updates reports, configs, etc. and sends to all devices. Once you sync all devices the REPORTS area will reflect the same totals as generated by your PC master logbook.

Full data sync is coming in a future update.
How does that work since I only purchased the mobile version? Is my information backed up somewhere else? I don't have the desktop version.
Logbook Pro Mobile is not a stand-alone logbook, it is designed to work in tandem with Logbook Pro Desktop. What you enter into Logbook Pro Mobile needs to be synced to the desktop. The Desktop is where your entire logbook is kept. Logbook Pro Mobile does not backup the logbook.

Please review the Getting Started Guide at the link below: