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Is there anyway to do


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Jan 7, 2004
I have been trying to figure out if there is a way for LBP to calculate pay? So we could enter our pay
rate and LBP would use that and the flight time to figure out what our pay would be for that flight.

The only calculation Logbook Pro can do is a Cost/Hr as assigned to the aircraft type. Not sure if that would suffice, otherwise you'd have to use a custom expense field and enter it manually. It will track expenses, but as for calculated pay amounts, the only calculation is as discussed above.

Ok so if I enter my pay rate in the cost/hr part of the aircraft type it will take that and multiply that by the duration and display that someplace? That would work fine I just want to track my pay so I can match it against what my company uses Also will that work when I import flights from a excel spreadsheet? I use a spreadsheet for now till the palm for LBP has a better layout.
Yes, anytime the duration changes, the Cost/Hr multiplies Duration x Cost/Hr to arrive at its value. I don't believe the Cost/Hr calculations work on imports, only when duration values change. Autofills do have the option of firing per the import wizard setting, but I'm 99% sure (haven't checked/tested) that Cost/Hr. does not calculate on imports.

ok thanks. I guess I can set it up in the spreadsheet and just have it import with the rest.

Thanks again