Nov 19, 2001
/forums/emoticons/cool.gif Neal,

Here's a veration of the KISS method, 'Keep it Small & Simple'. In Logbook Pro we get the choice of two input methods, Spreedsheet and Windows Style. In my opinion you've already created the data entry interface with the Palm and Pocket PC. The Windows Style has all the points we need to get the data in Logbook Pro. Let the desktop version handle all the currencies and lookback features.

You didn't get Logbook Pro so feature rich on the first release so don't kill yourself trying to make us all happy this first time around...besides we just really want you to finish this so we can take Logbook Pro PDA to the skys.

Al Stenner
Besides it being simple, could we have color?

Thanks Neal, and I'll spell check before I post another thread.

Al Stenner
Thanks for the good info (and valid points). Yes, it will be color, have no fear, I don't develop for yesterday, I develop for tomorrow, so you will have the technology available as of development time.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.