Logbook Pro Desktop "Widget" suggestion


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Aug 31, 2012
Not sure if anyone else has posted this suggestion, but i will give it at shot.

I use the Logbook Pro mobile along with the sync and I constantly log my time when I'm done with flights. I personally want my flight time to update constantly so when I see it at the end of the day, I know how many hours I have when I check it. Unfortunately, I have a family computer and it seems it gets in their way when they are using it.

That said, could there be a small widget to run on the background of the desktop instead of the full Logbook Pro software while away? Also, could said widget set to auto-start after a computer shut down? I ask this because there is one vendor that currently uses a simple desktop app to trip trade automatically while you are away given your preset parameters, and even trip trade through text messages. It also auto-starts on computer shut down so it keeps working. That one does not seem to get in the way, while Logbook Pro does for my family and keeps getting closed.

Or how about the application completely disappears in the background when you click the minimize button? The auto-start i can figure out since Windows has that function.

Thanks for your input.


Eric A.

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Jan 18, 2003

Thank you for the suggestion. Logbook Pro does have a scheduled sync option all ready. However the program needs to be left open (minimized is ok). To configure the scheduled sync please go to PDA...CLOUD SYNC...SETTING to configure it. You can configure it to sync every 15 minutes to once every 12 hours.