LBP Data entry question


New member
Feb 10, 2011
I am currently using my iphone to import my schedules. Each flight is loaded/logged individually ie: One leg at a time. When I upload the completed flights to LBP on my PC it also uses one entire line per leg. Thats fine, but here's my question..,
I fly for a part 121 operator where many times we fly multiple legs on the same aircraft. How can I use my iphone to log multiple legs on the same aircraft. I know that I can input multiple legs but then I'm limited to only ONE "OUT, OFF, ON, IN" field to account for all legs flown. Second part of the question, If I (for what ever reason) I decided that to let the phone log individual legs, (so I dont have to work the math out) is there a way (once uploaded to my PC) to compile the legs flown by the same aircraft to ONE LINE. Thankyou for your time
Hello Rudy,

We don't have a provision for multiple OOOI times so you'll have to know your total flight time when you make your multiple leg entry. Or you can log by leg. There is no way at this time to convert to By Day after the fact. This is on our tracker as a prior feature request, I'm not sure if/when it will be implemented but it is something we are often asked and will certainly consider for a future update.

Thank you for your inquiry.