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Feb 28, 2002
Dear All,

after a somewhat slower year I got the question if my airport qualification B of Sion (LSGS) is still current. Luckily I know when I had been there last, so yes. Now I am trying to program this into LBP if possible.

The qual is current when in the last 12 months, you have flown atleast 1 instr appr into the airport AND 1 departure.

Commonly my collegue and I fly alternating legs, so I have a PF/PNF custom field.

My legs field is filled like: KORL - LSGS
This means in the last 12 months I need:
1 PF XXXX -> LSGS with a instrument approach selected from the list

Is it possible? Or should I add this to my access db project?
I don't believe that will work in the currency editor because Logbook Pro uses a "From-To" format for the route. This means it can't differentiate between the departure and destination airport on a single flight entry.

What you could do to track this in the currency editor though, is create two custom columns. These should be a custom Yes/No column which will put a checkbox on each entry. You can name them whatever you choose, but one should be used to track the departure and one should be used to track the arrival conditions that are required for your specific situation. Such as "PF LSGS Approach" and "PF LSGS Departure". You can then use the Yes/No custom column as a criteria for the currency.
Then all you do is check the appropriate box when it counts toward your currency requirements and the currency system will do the rest.