LBP for Apple OSX

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Nov 23, 2014
NC Software,

Is there any future development on software for Mac's? It can be a pain to have to switch to a windows software just to update my logbook.

Thanks in advance for the response,
Hi Adam,

It's actually not as bad as you describe. I run Windows full screen on my iMac and it's a simple two finger swipe to go between Mac OX and Windows which gives me the best of both worlds. I personally use VMWare Fusion 7 and have also used boot camp but do not have experience with Parallels desktop. Boot camp would require a reboot to switch to either OS but would eliminate the small cost of VMWare. Give it a try, it works great.

Run Windows for Mac with Virtualization: Try VMware Fusion Free | United States
Ok it's time this gets fixed. When is it coming for the mac or do I need to change to logten pro?
Oh, right. I forgot that LBP would have to be written in .Net for it to work in Mono. My bad, sorry.
Using Windows within Mac is slow and clunky. Using bootcamp is not as nice as you describe so I subscribe to Paralells Desktop, Eventually you have to upgrade that to keep up. Eventually I will have to Buy a new Windows version to keep up. All of this costs money. I would rather buy a version of LBP that ran on my Mac - I would think NC Software would rather receive my money than Microsoft and Paralells.
I tried doing the VM Fusionware so I could run windows on my Mac and had no idea how to make it work. I've recently switched to all apple products and would love to be able to run logbook pro on my Mac without tricks.
Thank you.
VMWare Fusion is super easy. Install Fusion, install Windows within Fusion, install Logbook Pro within Windows. Works great.

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