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Bug Report LBP grey out in Windows 10, UAC fix fails

yankee clipper

Well-known member
Jul 1, 2006
LBP 1.16.9 on Windows 10 Pro

when i want to exit from LBP, the windows greys out, and the process freezes.

The KB "Windows 10 and User Account Control (UAC)" doesn't work. Claims a lack of "Save"-permissions.

Yankee Clipper

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
It sounds like a problem with your windows profile and a permissions issue on your account or folder area. Outside the scope of this support but in the interim try copying your Logbook Pro data file which ends in .LBK typically found in your Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder area and copy into a folder such as C:\Logbook Pro Data and then double-click the data file while Logbook Pro is closed and Logbook Pro will open it in the new location. Otherwise ZIP compress your .LBK data file and send the ZIP file in a support ticket.

It also could be a networking issue, i.e. Logbook Pro is not able to get out to the Internet to check for updates. Make sure your anti-virus/security software is not conflicting.