LBP PPC and APDL sync issues


Aug 16, 2007
I use APDL for my 121 job. Recently I've started flying on the side and would like to use LBP PPC companion. I cannot seem to sync the LBP PPC info from my PDA to the computer. APDL still works fine. All programs are registered both on the PDA and the computer. Not sure how to make this work. Any ideas?
Please make sure you are using the PDA sync wizard within Logbook Pro to perform the sync and that Logbook Pro Companion is SHUTDOWN and not just minimized before syncing.

If you continue to have any problems please submit a support ticket.
Thanks, I figured it out just before you replied. When I pulled up the PDA Wizard, it started at the first APDL window - I hit the "Back" button to the source select screen and selected LBP PPC, and then all worked as advertised.