Leg order in Jepp report


Aug 14, 2007
When I create a Jepp report the legs appear in the correct order up unitl Nov. This is when my palm died and I now import from an Excel file. The legs show up in the proper order in the spreadsheet view in LBP just not in the report. I import with out and in times and date. Any help would be great.

When you view the data in the spreadsheet style log, does it show out of order? The software sorts on Flight Date, OUT, Takeoff. If you'd like me to look at it please create a backup and send me the .BAK file in a support ticket. Point out exactly where the problem is.
They are correct in the spreadsheet log. Here are a coulple of screen shots. I will submit a support ticket if this dosen't help.
Problem starts on Nov 8 2008.


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I'm not sure what caused this other than the sequence of the information as it was imported into Logbook Pro. There is an entry time recorded that's not visible which is what is used as the main sort (Flight Date/Entry Time) but where those are both the SAME (instant import) then it falls back to OUT and Takeoff. The only fix is to re-enter the out of order legs. In the next version of Logbook Pro we'll probably consider a sequence number system so you can manually sort this situation if needed. You also have to ask how critical this issue really is and if anyone would even notice. There is no other option that I can think of other than re-entering the information to correct it.
Thank you for looking at it. I will probably just try to reenter it. You are right that in that it would go unnoticed, but it will bug me if I don't fix it.

Thanks again and looking forward to the next version.
Just to follow up, I looked at how my data was being imported (below). It's basically reverse chronological. LBP sorted everything perfect for the spreadsheet view. In the reports, it sorted the date correct just not the leg order.

Instead of re-entering all the info, I exported LBP to excel and the legs exported exatly as they appeared in the spreadsheet view. I then saved the file and imported it back into LBP replacing the existing data. All the data was there and running a report showed the same sequence as the spreadsheet. Saved the time re-entering the data and problem solved.


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