Log entry with 2 decimal places


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May 16, 2005
Hi, fantastic product. Very keen to purchase but for one issue. I really want to be able to enter times in 2 decimal places ie. 0.05 for 3 minute segments as this is what I have been doing for the past 5,000 hours and want to acurately transfer the times.

Can you already do this and I haven't yet found the option? or could it please be implemented.


You can in fact enter time in hundredths, Logbook Pro will store the raw value, but format it only for display. In the next version we will offer various time formats and anticipate supporting two decimal places as it is requested from time to time. Thank you for your suggestion.

Thankyou for your quick response. Yes I did notice that when I passed the cursor over a 0.4 number the actual 0.35 I entered was displayed. Does this mean that when the next version gets released, the number I entered on the previous version will automatically revert to what I entered (and re-work the totals), or would I have to go back and correct all those entries?

Cheers, Rhys
It should, but I cannot promise anything until that version is final as anything can change. I know the European pilots are doing something similar to get Logbook Pro converted to JAR formats so it is something that is going to be handled very very carefully to preserve the data as entered.

I too would like the display in hundreds. But for now, I enter the times in raw minutes in the 'in' and 'out' blocks. It is my understanding that when the new time formats are installed, it will be able to take the raw times and convert them into whatever format one chooses.

Is that pretty close????

We anticipate this functionality but nothing is a 'done deal' until the new version is completed as anything can change. Obviously the only converted time would be duration and any other times that match the duration on the same given line entry.

No, we cannot release dates at this time. We'll release when it's ready and it meets our standards and feature requirements. Version 1 is a mature and stable platform and is no way outdated so we are ensuring the next version is up to our expectations before release.