seperate date range and/or static value entry in "amount forward" row of the first page of

Oct 6, 2004
seperate date range and/or static value entry in "amount forward" row of the first page of


You've already seen this in an off-forum topic. I'm just taking your suggestion and adding it to the forum so you have a record of it =)


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Also, now that I’ve figured out that my original problem wasn’t really a problem, I’ve found a different issue. It may be something that you’re already adding to Version 2 (if not, take it as a suggestion), or it may be that there is already a solution for the current version that I haven’t though of yet:

It would be great if one could tell the report to fill the “Amount Forwarded” row of the page totals for the first page of a report with totals based on a different date range than the date range for which you are generating the report. Also would be nice to have the ability to assign values rather than have logbook pro calculate them from a date range (ie would make if nice for some multi-thousand hour pilots that don't want/need to go back and enter data from old logbooks, but do want their page totals to reflect all that past experience. Incase that’s as obtuse as it looks to me on the screen, what I’m trying to get at is the following:

I have printed out data from the beginning of my training through 4/28/2002 using a customized report that matches my old ASA logbook. I’ve now moved on to a Jeppesen Pro Pilot Logbook (which nicely matches the “generic” Jeppesen Style logbook =), and I would like to print a report starting with the first flight in my Jepp logbook on 5/1/2004 so that I can compare them with my handwritten log (ie so that I can catch all of my addition errors).

Currently the page totals work fine, but since I am on my second logbook (with a different format), I can’t select “all data” before generating the report (i.e. I select range from 5/1/2004-present). This means that the “Amount forward” in the report is 0, so the “totals to date” row is incorrect when I compare it to my written log. If I were to select “all data” and print using the Jepp style format, the pages would not match my physical logbook (since my first logbook had a different number of lines per page, and in addition I left a few lines blank on the last page of the first logbook so that I could switch to the new logbook before receiving my Multi-rating).

Thanks for a great product, and for any suggestions on my dilemma above.