Logbook data to calendar in Local time?

Abe Frohman

Active member
Apr 21, 2004
Is there a way yet to have the data from APDL be in local when put into the pda/Treo calendar? I use the pda/Treo calendar alarms to wake me up...etc. My logbook timezone is my domicile timezone (utc -7)...so needless to say, my alarms and reminders don't work if my flights take me to a different timezone.

This is all because I use a Palm Treo...if I turn the phone on AFTER landing and then enter the APDL times...things get weird because the timezone and time of the pda has changed. In other words...the Treo time is always in local if the phone is on. If I don't turn the phone on then the times are in whatever timezone I took off from.

I guess that's two issues...the calendar issue is the one I really meant to post here...which led to my other ramble...