Logbook entries greyed out


Dec 2, 2005
After upgrading to LBP 1.10.23 earlier today, I tried to use the PDA Sync wizard. It gave me an error message saying to make sure ADPL 6.0 or later was installed. It is. When clicking on OK or the x to close the error message it continued to bring it up. I had to use CTL-ATL-DEL to close Logbooks Pro. When I started it up again, all my logbook entries are greyed out and cannot be scrolled through or selected.

What is causing the entries to be greyed out and how do I correct it?


at the time of the error, i had not entered the licenses since upgrading to 1.10.23. I am using ADPL-Palm. I have entered both the license for Logbooks pro and ADPL-Palm and both have been accepted and I have received emails for activating the products.

When I open my logbook, all the entries are still greyed out and are not accessible. I cannot add or change anything on the logbook page. I have not attempted to sync it again because I would like to get the logbook problem fixed before I compound the problem with new entries.