Logbook Pro 1.9.7 screen will not restore


New member
Oct 8, 2003
I recently downloaded Logbook Pro Vers 1.9.7 to update my software.I uninstalled the old program andran the new install. After rebooting and attempting to run Logbook Pro, it informs me that everything is updated. But then I cannot get the Logbook Pro screen to come up. All I see the Logbook Pro identified on the task bar. I cannot get to the program. Task manager indicates its running and I try to restore the screen with no luck. This is the only program I have that is doing this. I am running Windows XP (with the new service pack 2) on aDell Pent 133 with 256KSDRAM. Any suggestions.
If you see the task bar icon on the bottom of the screen, try double-clicking it or right-clicking the task bar icon and choosing Maximize.