Logbook Pro and Resume/Airline Apps?


Sep 30, 2005
How do I employ Logbook Pro to make updating my resume easier?

Specifially, is there a way to connect the "Flight Time" portion of my resume with my electronic logbook?

It seems like the point of using this software is to make my life easier and reduce the amount of time I have to spend working on my logbook and job search.

However, I still find the work load excessive, especially in regards to filling-out job applications.

Any suggestions Neal?

Thank you for your inquiry. I'm not sure I understand your question regarding connecting your Flight Time to your resume. What you could do is export the Analyzer information to Excel then connect Excel to a Word document if you're comfortable with MS Office applications and how they can communicate with each other. This is outside the scope of Logbook Pro support but it's not out of reach with current technology if you're familiar.

We hope you'll find the information provided by the Analyzer will help you significantly with your application and resume process. Feel free to review the documentation and several video tutorials on the Analyzer. There are also several newsletter articles regarding the use of the analyzer for the resume/application process. Feel free to search the forums on the analyzer for more topics.

Good luck on your employment venture and let us know if we can assist in any way.