Logbook Pro freezes while building initial data file


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Mar 16, 2005
/Forums/emoticons/smhair.gif Downloaded the program to test prior to purchase. When I create my new date file, everything seems to go fine until I get a dialog that says 'Your Logbook will be updated to take advantage of several new features'. I then select OK and the program takes up all of my available CPU (98%) until I nuke it in the Task Manager. When I look for the logbook data file, it has not been created. I have uninstalled an reinstalled several times. Help! Your program looks great and I would like to get it working and purchase. - Bart
Hello Bart,

When you created your data file, did you create it on a local hard drive or optical media such as a CD-RW?

Also confirm you are using the latest version which is

When starting Logbook Pro, does it prompt to create a new file again (NEW, OPEN, RESTORE dialog)?

I created the data file on a local hard drive in my personal documents folder.

I'm using

When I start Logbook Pro, it does continue to prompt me to create a new file via the New, Open, Restore dialog.

- Bart
Creating the file in C:\LogBookPro with filename 'Bart' worked. Previously I was trying to name the file 'Logbook Pro Bart' in a subfolder of My Documents. - Bart