Logbook pro License.

Jul 30, 2002

I use the Log book pro in my desktop and my laptop. I bought the pro version so I have the right to use it in 2 computers. The problem is now that I bought a palm top, I decided to retire my laptop and give it to my kids.

Can I use the loog book pro in my desktop and my lap top with the same license, or do I have to buy it? I uninstalled my laptop vs already.

I hope I can use them both! :)

Tks in advance!

Sydney Rodrigues
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VARIG Airlines MD-11 1st Officer</font>
Hi Sydney,

I think you are asking if you can use it on your Palm device? With the Pro license, you can use Logbook Pro on two PC's for one pilot log. The PDA companions are licensed separately. You will need to purchase the Palm Companion license by clicking here.