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Logbook Pro PC program does not open after initial install.


New member
Oct 18, 2004
1. Downloaded lbproNoMSI.exe version

2. Ran the program

3. Rebooted computer

4. Double clicked on Logbook Pro Icon on the desktop.

5. System "hangs" after the screen flash.

6. Taskbar displays a Logbook Pro box, but you can see from the enlosed screen shot, when it is depressed no open window for Logbook Pro.

7. Task manager indicates logbookpro.exe is eating up system resources, it continues, my patience wears out after 3 minutes.

OS is XP SP2 with updates current as of today. All firewall, norton, etc disabled. No PDA connected. Nothing opened after reboot.

Please tell me what hoops to jump through to get $100 logbook program to work.


Retract all of above.

Me learn right click. Me must be smarter than $100 logbook program. Me read other post.