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Logbook Wizard


Jun 21, 2005
I would like the logbook wizard of the web tools to be released in a stand-alone format, that can be used without being on line....Is that possible??

Dan Crews

ps. Thanks for the note on the new schedule importer to be released soon!!
Thanks for the quick reply, but I'm wishing for a downloadable version of the web report utility. Is that possible???

Dan Crews
Hello Dan,

I'm sorry but our web importer is not available nor do we plan to offer it as a downloadable option. We offer the Windows importer as a stand-alone feature. Can you give me a background as to why you would want the web importer vice the windows importer? And why it doesn't work for you from our web site?
Hey Neal,
I'm usually on trips that are overseas and without internet service and I would like to be able to do the reports from the report utility while I am on a layover, as opposed to while I am at home. But what I would like specifically is the csv reports of the report generator avalible offline. I keep my logbook on my computer on excel and I import the csv files from APDL on my palm. Thanks for the support.

Hello Dan,

The APDL reports are generated from Logbook Pro now, we kept the web based system online for the interim, I cannot promise it will always be available as our products continue to evolve. We have what you need now, Schedule Importer for Windows for stand-alone imports and Logbook Pro's PDA Wizard which handles the APDL sync AND report generation.