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Logging Ground Instruction all on the same line entry


New member
Aug 2, 2011
Is there a way to add a ground instruction time and keep it all on the same line.

I read a couple of workarounds when I first got the product a month ago, neither of which was what I was after. If I remember correctly I had to name an aircraft Ground and add the entry to its own line. I just want to add it like it is in my hardcopy. Why is not possible? I have a free excel based logbook i downloaded off the internet that it is possible to do with. I cant see why a premium product I paid premium money for is not able to do such a simple thing without having to have a "work around" and separate line entry items.

If there is not currently a way to do this then please add this to the suggestion column, this small detail really detracts from what looks to be a comprehensive program. After all even a "pro" pilot must log some ground instruction from time to time in order to complete a Biannual Flight Review.