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Logging SIC and PIC in the same craft


May 17, 2004
I was curious what the best way to get my SIC time into the logbook while not having it show up as time in a 'type rating required' aircraft.

I'm thinking that I can create an aircraft type where I don't check the 'type required' box, and a second type where I do check it and log my PIC time there. Something like 'SF340 (SIC)' and 'SF340 (PIC)'. I just upgraded on the SF340 so I have both types of time. Any thoughts?

The SF340 is an aircraft that requires a type rating for one of the two pilots, therefore it is *always* a 'type rating required' aircraft. I simply logged SIC when I was an FO, and PIC when I became a Captain, but the aircraft always is listed as a 'type rating required.'