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Loosing data after a few days


Oct 11, 2005
Hi there,

Using a HP4700 ipaq and Pocket PC LBP. After a few days of flying and making some 9 entries (legs) on day 4 opening LBP again on the PDA results in loosing the first couple of entries. Data fully gone. Also editing existing entries and saving them creates some problems because after editing and saving the program saves as a new entry and so increases the amount of files stored on the PDA creating a puzzle of files because it is sometimes hard to see which is the old and which is the new file. In stead of overwriting the old file with the updated info. Is this normal, or is there an other problem ??
I welcome any suggestions or stories of similar problems of course with the fitting solution to it. Regards, Rob

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Hello Rob,

I'm not able to reproduce this issue, it may be how you are using the application. For example, be sure to click the NEW icon to ADD a new entry. After creating the new information, you must click the SAVE icon. To EDIT an entry, simply navigate to the entry, make any changes, then click the SAVE icon. The edits will then be saved. The data is not going to simply delete itself unless you had it in the cradle and ActiveSync sync'd the information up to Logbook Pro. ActiveSync will automatically remove the data from the Pocket PC when sync'ing to Logbook Pro (unlike the Palm OS version where you have to purge the PDA manually). Lastly, please ensure you are using the latest version which is