Many C172s


Oct 31, 2002
Gallatin, TN
I have been flight instructing full-time for nearly ten years and been putting my paper logbook into Logbook Pro backwards (to more quickly establish currency). I have logged time in many Cessna 172s. In the process of entering the various N-numbers, the software has conveniently allowed me to select from previous numbers to avoid re-typing the numbers. However, once I reached 15 different N-numbers, the software would remember no more numbers. Is there any way to reset the list, or add to it? I noticed that <u>all</u> N-numbers <u>do</u> show up in the Analyzer.

Additionally, it would be nice to be able to use the mouse wheel to select from the various models/numbers <u>without</u> clicking on the drop-down box.

Also, I noticed that the default N-number that will pop-up once the aircraft type has been selected never changes. Is this selectable, i.e. can I put my own default n-number into it? How about using the last n-number used for a particular aircraft model as the default?/forums/emoticons/confused.gif

Thanks to NC Software for an excellent product.

Chris Parks
Whoops, I just realized some of this post has been mentioned in previous posts (wish list forum). Apologies. Oh well, add my name to the list of 'Would like to have it hmm can we hmm?'


Chris Parks