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Many hours wasted?


Jul 8, 2004
WellI must have violated a license agreement.

On a recent layover I installed my copy of Logbook Pro (Professional Edition) on a family member's computer so that, since I had allot of idle time,I could input data from my paper log to Logbook Pro. I backed up my data from his computer to a CD. When I got home and restored this data to my PC I got a "Logbook Pro Update-Please Read Carefully" message and now I am unable to open log book Pro. The family member whose PC I installed my logbook pro copy on is not a pilot andI only wished to use his PC to save myself some time entering data (hours and hours of data!!). I had no intention of pirating this software. Please tell me that my many hours of diligentwork has not been wasted. How can I get Logbook Pro up and running again and save my data?!

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Thank you for your honesty. To resolve the issue, have your family member create a backup (File...Archive..Backup) and e-mail this .BAK file to support@nc-software.com. Uninstall Logbook Pro from this computer and inform that this has been accomplished in the same e-mail. Provide an e-mail address of whom to send the updated data file to.