Many hours wasted?


Jul 8, 2004
WellI must have violated a license agreement.

On a recent layover I installed my copy of Logbook Pro (Professional Edition) on a family member's computer so that, since I had allot of idle time,I could input data from my paper log to Logbook Pro. I backed up my data from his computer to a CD. When I got home and restored this data to my PC I got a "Logbook Pro Update-Please Read Carefully" message and now I am unable to open log book Pro. The family member whose PC I installed my logbook pro copy on is not a pilot andI only wished to use his PC to save myself some time entering data (hours and hours of data!!). I had no intention of pirating this software. Please tell me that my many hours of diligentwork has not been wasted. How can I get Logbook Pro up and running again and save my data?!
Thank you for your honesty. To resolve the issue, have your family member create a backup (File...Archive..Backup) and e-mail this .BAK file to Uninstall Logbook Pro from this computer and inform that this has been accomplished in the same e-mail. Provide an e-mail address of whom to send the updated data file to.