Math, syncing, autofill and data issues

Pim Rijkes

May 17, 2006
The Netherlands
Hi Neal,

LBPro and LBPro PDA Companion worked fine, until I updated them both. No problems during install.
However, when using LBPro PDA Companion I noticed :
- It takes much more time to start up than it took with v 1.9.9
- When I enter a time ending with minutes less than 10, it only shows 1 digit, so time 15:01 shows as 15:1
- When I enter a flight I did a couple of days before the present date, no date appears in LBPro on my desktop
- For some reason a flight of 2,2 hours is shown as 22 hours, 2,4 as 24 etc etc. (I even got a flight from Amsterdam to London, OUT - IN : 46 minutes, shown as one of 131,3 hours :nuts:)
- There are no autofills, although they are present in the preferences of the motherprogramme LBPro
- There seems to be no autosync, syncing needs to be started manually as opposed to the previous version which synced automatically.
- Syncing takes way to long (imho), especially the 'verifying data' part
- After syncing is shows the message that on the Pocket PC , when starting LBPro PDA Companion, one should hit 'purge data', I assume this should be done automatically after syncing ?

I read about a patch coming up, are any of the mentioned problems adressed ?

Hello Pim,

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on 1.10.9 currently as we have found several "International" related issues, as you pointed out. I can provide you an interim build if you fill out a support ticket. One of the issues still being resolved is the 2,2 is saving as 22 which should be resolved shortly.

The application may take a little longer to startup as it is now using the .NET Compact Framework which uses what's called "Just in time compilation" so the first run will be slow, all subsequent runs will be faster. If Logbook Pro is closed out while doing a sync, it actually will auto-purge, this is just a "safe practice" recommendation.

If you have a large amount of data logged in Logbook Pro (PC), yes, the Verification of the data can take up to about a minute. Autofill should work, make sure in the preferences section it is not disabled (on the PPC). AutoSync is not manual any longer.

I do ask that you submit a support ticket and reference this thread as I would like you to test the interim fix before 1.10.9 comes out. I need International testers.

Thank you.
Just submitted the ticket.
Already one remark : startup is indeed a lot faster after the initial (first) start of LBPro PC !
I'm looking forward to testing the interim fix.
Hi Neal,

Started Beta testing with the interim fix and found several glitches still present.
All remarks below concern LBPro PDA Companion 1.10.9 ('Beta-version')

- Date entered at Date does not autofill that date to OUT/TAKEOFF/LAND/IN
- Time format entry problem is resolved (15:01 showed as 15:1)
- Autofill function not active, although its checked enabled in Preferences in LBPPC as well as in LBP (Autofill functions correctly in LBP though)
- Also "Auto enter a landing" not functional
- When syncing : the sync itself is fast, 'Verifing data' takes slightly less than 2 minutes (database of 5280 flights, 9200 hours) which is, IMHO, far too long
- After syncing, only the entry date(first date on the line in spreadsheetstyle) appears in LBP, not the OUT/TAKEOFF/LAND/IN dates and/or times

Good news : time format entry problem is resolved (15:01 showing as 15:1)

Finally, is there a forum for beta testers ? I can imagine you don't actually want this to appear before everyones eyes...

Hello Pim,

I added the Flight date to Block data as a feature suggestion (LB1126), good idea!

I was unable to reproduce your inquiry regarding Autofill which is also related to the auto landing entry, it's a part of autofill. Please reply to your support ticket with the following information:

1) Backup of your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup) send the .BAK file
2) All files on the Pocket PC located in /My Documents/Logbook Pro (typically two files)

As there is no longer a beta out there is no beta forum at this time. You simply received an interim fix to test the problems you reported, which was very helpful, thank you! I will investigate with the files you provide and see if I can also get the suggestion taken care of before tonights release of the new builds, if all other testing goes well.

Sorry, forgot, as to the verification process, I will consider removing that on the Pocket PC side, I don't believe the process it is doing is needed any longer with the new Pocket PC system. I'll add that to the tracker for review and release with the next PC side update, which again, may be this evening.

P.S. Please stick to one form of communication, i.e. support ticket or forum, but not both please. Also, I have no problems with bug reports in the public eye. Software is not perfect and we work as hard as we can to resolve any and all reports. My ego is not bruised by our software not being perfect, but I hope everyone knows we work very hard to make it as close to perfect as possible.