Min credit not working


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Feb 4, 2007
Setup payroll category "TAXI" with min credit :15. I added a taxi leg with actual time of only 10 minutes. Daily credit was only increased by 10 minutes.
Did you have any other legs for that day? Min credit sets the min for the day but if your credit already exceeded :15 then it would default to the higher amount. for example if you flew 1:00 and then did the taxi for :10 the min credit for the day would be :15 which was exceeded by the two pay segments. In this case set your scheduled taxi time for :15 and the actual for :10.
That is interesting. I assumed min credit for a leg would be just that. Maybe we should have a min daily credit under airline settings (although setting block to this is a good workaround) as well as payroll category settings for leg min credit and also one for leg "specific credit" (i.e. you could setup "training" to always credit as 4 hours, regardless of what actual times were entered.