min credit


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Jan 15, 2006
I have min credit ticked on but for reserve days that I do not fly it still gives me a min credit. How do I prevent that. And I can not get my duty rig for 1:2 to work it only gives me my credit for block or actual not duty if it is higher.
If you have set a min. credit for the "Reserve" payroll category make sure it does not appear on any of legs for that logpage if you do not want the credit computed.

Duty(trip, or tafb) rigs are applied when any data has been entered on a logpage.

For Duty Rig you must have an Duty On and Duty Off time.
I applied a min credit in my payroll catagory for block and there is nothing for my reserve catagory. Even if I have no duty times and put reserve on that log page only it still will give me a min credit and the only way to get rid of it is to turn off the min credit for on my blocks catagory. I have turned on a duty rig on my rigs/catagory page but I still do not get a duty rig. So whats going on here?
Undo the "Min Credit" under "Block" category and then put it under the "Reserve" category.
Ok you are not understanding the problem. I have selected a min guarantee on block only. What is happening is that regardless of what I select block, reserve, deadhead I get a min guarantee. I dont want a min guarantee except for a block. I also can not get my duty rig to work either. I am trying to select a 1:2 rig and it will not work. It does not recognize it. Also as soon as I select anything on the log page it gives me a min credit regardless of what I select.