MOGent Custom report printing


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Aug 7, 2004
For the newest version of logbook pro what are the instructions to print???
Second when I create a custom logbook in MGOent binder report I do not have some aircraft identification numbers listed. Is this a flaw???
Thanks for the help!!!

The instructions are as before, the printing system is unchanged. just added several new 'Split' reports. Yes, there is a bug in the template reports where Ident's are all numeric fail to show up properly. This will be resolved in the very soon to release update.

ok then i have a question in the instructions it talks about a universal output and an old world out put.

I do not know where to find those options?

i have a primier logbook with the MGOent pages?

Thanks for the help
The Premier and Old World are now classified as 'Mini's'. The Universal is no longer available. I will review the docs to make sure that has been removed. Please ensure you are using, the latest version.

ok looked at the doc still on there using the updated most version but where do I find out to set the minis?????