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Monthly calendar one hour off


Oct 14, 2005
I import my trips, no problem. Trips appear fine on my palm. Then I sync up again, and when I load up my monthly calendar - all the times are an hour off. Obviously the time zone settings are off somewhere, but I checked the settings and they are all accurate. I have adjusted the settings and re-imported and synced but the calendar is always the same - one hour off. Any ideas? Probably something to do with DST?
EDIT: I was playing around some more. Man, the time zone settings in this software are very confusing. I changed domiciles from one in eastern time to central time. I changed my domicile in the setup page and then in "Domocile time zone" I changed from -5 to -6. I left logbook time zone at -5, because there is a notice saying "Once set DO NOT change logbook time zone".

I want my reports generated in LOCAL time, not east coast time. I guess the only way to change this is changing the logbook time zone, but then all my east coast times in ADPL are going to change.

How confusing. How do I fix this? Why is is bad to change the logbook time zone?