Motorola Q Support


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Mar 10, 2002
Hello Neal,

Can you provide any insight on supporting the Motorla Q? Are there plans to support it?

Thank you
Motorola Q support

I am also very interesting in getting my Motorola Q up and running. Hope this will be a quick fix for I have been waiting some time now for Logbook Pro
PDA Companion to work with this phone.
Don't Hold Back from the Q Crew!

To Neal:

Please keep Q owners informed about support for the Q...

In my case, i'm considering buying a new pocket pc, but if you can support the Q, I won't. If you can let us know about Q support ASAP, it will make the decision easier...

It seems there are many of us with Qs, and I'm sure you have reasons to be secretive, but your admission that there is a cat inside a bag is certainly already a give-away!

thanks in advance!

ps i'm hoping for APDL support to sync from the q to my LBpro...

I do not see any support for the Q or BlackJack any time soon. I would not wait around for it to be honest. We always announce new products, updates, etc. via our mailing lists. Feel free to subscribe or update your info on our mailing list page.
motorola Q

That's a shame to here of no upcoming support for the Q. I have had logbook pro for 4 years and would love to have it on the Q.
Does the Q support the Aviation Daily Logbook or nothing at all.? I am also looking into getting the Q. I don't use Logbook Pro, but have been using ADL on my Axim.

Our Pocket PC software does not support the Q, BlackJack, or Dash at this time. We do not anticipate support for these devices in the near future as of this writing. For a combination phone/PDA we recommend the Treo line or PPC 6700 series phones.