Mulit-leg days

Sep 1, 2008
Is it possible to have multi-leg days added as one logbook entry when using the iphone app?

That is after the first leg is entered, can I ... after each subsiquent leg just edit the entry and add an extra 2.5hr or what ever to the first leg and have all of the auto fill options update themselves? I tried this but have had no success and would like to keep my log book formate the same (one entry per day instead of multi entries per day)
Hello Michael,

You can enter the entire day in one entry if you want, for example: KXYZ-KZYX-KABC-KCBA and then just enter 3 for the number of legs. This will tell Logbook Pro the proper number of flights and you can enter the times as needed.
I did do as you said, but if I add the first leg of my day (say 1hr) then saved it and took off for the next leg of my day and after the second leg entered another 1hr, the auto fill of the other columns such as PIC or SIC do not update to the total time flown for the day. In this case they stay at 1hr instead of changing to 2hrs.