adding legs to old trips


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May 15, 2010
I imported multi-day trips into APDL and it added rest periods where no rest period occurred (I used the auto filter and maybe I need to select a more specific filter to prevent this error). However, I am having trouble manually fixing the incorrect pairings. It won’t let me move a leg from one duty period to another, and when i try to manually delete and add the leg the Out and Off times default to 2019 and it won’t let me change it to 2018. Ironically the On and In times default to the date of the duty period which is what I want. Also, I have had trips I deleted and when using it would’t let me import the pairing again. It just processes it and doesn’t import.


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I moved your post over to APDL forum.

Tap on the leg you want to edit and unlock it.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the leg and then select DELETE LEG to remove the leg

If you need to delete an entire trip then tap on DUTY at the top of the day and select DELETE ENTIRE TRIP. You should then be able to reimport the trip in Also don't forget to hit the button to send the trips to APDL.

NOTE: the schedule importer always defaults to current year. If needed you can edit the trip date in prior to sending it to APDL