Multiple Aircraft Types


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Feb 5, 2003
I might have found a small error in the program. I use APDL.

I import all my flights as an A/C type of A319-111, individual legs. However, some of the planes that I fly are 318's. It's easy enough to tell which ones they are because the N number has an 8 in it. So, after I import, I go through LBP and change the A/C type for the N8xxx numbers.

Here's what happens.

I have four entries here:

A319-111 N913FR
A319-111 N805FR
A319-111 N802FR
A319-111 N935FR

I go back and change the A/C type for 805FR to A318. Then I change the A/C type for 802FR to A318 then it changes the N number for that entry to N805FR, it doesn't keep the original N number.

I am using LBP 1.10.25 and APDL Version 6.0.5

Hello Justin,

When you change the A/C Type in Logbook Pro it will assume it is a new entry and automatically give you the N-Number last flown in this particular type. So yes, it will change the N-Number you have when making any changes to the A/C Type. The suggested method is to click in the N-Number field, if the contents are not selected, select the entire N-Number, press CTRL+C, then change the type, tab back to the N-Number column and press CTRL+V.

I am going to make a note in our feature tracker to enhance this functionality. If the currently entered N-Number "does" correspond to this type, keep it. However, technically it should not correspond to the newly selected type as it is paired to another type, i.e. A319 in this case. So it will have to be carefully reviewed. In essence, Logbook Pro is doing what it can to prevent you from making errors, i.e. logging an N-Number that belongs to another type.

Thank you for your inquiry. I hope this sheds some light on what is happening and how Logbook Pro is working with you.