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N-numbers and Specific AC


Apr 3, 2007
Louisville, KY

Just synched close to 4 years worth of flying from APDL to LBP. It required that I picked a default AC type for all of the flights. Is there anyway to go back and assign a specific AC type to a tail number and have the program correct the incorrect enteries?



The beauty of APDL sync using the PDA Wizard is that if you resync, Logbook Pro will first remove the APDL entries within the data range and resync them in. This prevents you from getting an additional flight entry with every APDL sync (this does not apply to Logbook Pro PDA Companion syncs).

So you can resync all of your APDL data again, just set the date filter accordingly back to the first date, or day prior, or earliest data for APDL use which is 1/1/2001. See this thread regarding preloading your N-Numbers so the sync process will pair the N-Number to a Type and not use the Default A/C type as it will use the type found to the incoming N-Number if used before.
Is there any way to turn off the N-Number sync to a type in the pda sync of logbook pro?