Need help with transfer of registration.


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Dec 8, 2006
Transfering to a new computer without my registration key. I tried "archive and restore" which gets my info to the new computer but I still get the message that I'm limited to 50 entries (but my logbook displays hundreds) and I need my unlock code. I tried to copy and paste my registry using your regedit information (using export/import) and I thought that took. All my info is now listed on the registry but I continue to get asked for my unlock code. I haven't had my code since 2002 and my email has changed more than once since then. I can tell you that my old user name was "Scotty B." If you compare that info with my new user info you'll see that I'm the same guy. I could really use a hand here. I do have my logbook backed up but apparently that's not enough to unlock the code.

We cannot assist with registration issues on our forums. Please submit a support ticket for assistance.

To regenerate your license code, Please refer to specifically the "Lost Unlock Codes" section for information assisting in this matter. If unable to use our automated resources to recall your lost registration information or provide proof of purchase, please purchase the unlock code re-key service from the URL below which may require prior proof of purchase to complete:
Similar situation

Transferring to a new computer as well and no longer have my unlock key. I followed the directions in your previous post and a record was found for me. However, the domain for my ISP has changed since I purchased logbook pro (2003) and the email will not forward to my current address even though it is the same ISP. Please advise if it is possible to send the found record to my current email address on file with this site.

Much Thanks!!!!!!