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Need to download Logbook Pro

Howard Foshee

New member
May 5, 2003
I have been a user of logbook pro for several years now and have close to 10,000 flight hours logged. I have just purchased a new computer. I want to download the current version of logbook pro to my new computer. When I log on to the web site to download it treats me as a new user and only allows me to download a temporary version with only 50 entries.

How do I do it?
The versions of software available for download from the web site are the same as the full verison, however the unregistered version only allows for 50 entries. You must purchase the software license to obtain an unlock key which lifts this restriction.

If you have the original software you purchased, you should install that software, register, and then you can upgrade. If you have any type of proof of purchase per our Policies page, you can forward that to us and we will attempt to issue a newer unlock key for entitlement of the latest Logbook Pro Software.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.