new A/C on PPC


Mar 12, 2004
1. if i fly a new plane while on the road, how can i get that type into the PPC on the road or can i only do it through the desktop?

2. when i entered all my A/C types on the desktop, i could not get the desktop program to give me the option to synch. it was grayed out. does this button only come "alive" when there is new data on the PPC?


Re: #1 - Yes, new types can only be added on the PC side

Re: #2 - The merge menu only appears when there is new data to be transferred FROM the Palm/Pocket PC TO the PC. On every sync commanded updated data is sent to the PDA. The merge queue menu is also grayed out UNTIL the PDA Companion license code has been entered on the PDA and the PC under the PDA Companions\PDA Device Specific menu area.

well, i got this thing to synch/merge yesterday but now not today(the merge button is still grayed outwith all programs registered). i did change the name of the logbook...can i merge into any logbook? my synch seems to run smoothly.

ActiveSync will sync the last opened data file (PC) with the PDA. When you open a data file in Logbook Pro, it adjusts its 'pointer' to target the PDA with the last used data file. I would suggest rerunning the ActiveSync setup.

just as i thought. i opened up the log i had open yesterday called 'testlog' and the merge is available on that one but when i open up what i want to be my real log, there is no merge available. how can i make that work?
uninstalled the LBP program from the PPC via the 'remove program' button on activesynch. resynched. did a soft-reset and resynched again. went to desktop LBP program and reinstalled the PPC program and did the setup EXACTLY as specified. error at the end of install when the database if being pushed into the PPC said that the database already exists in the PPC. i told it to overright. now, i still have the same issue as above. this thing still is tied to my 'test' logbook and allows me to merge with that one. do i have have to uninstall the desktop program and hard reset the PPC? that would not be nice. i have alot of other things on the PPC.
Uninstall as you did, then go into the File Explorer and delete the Logbook Pro folder under \Program Files. Then reaccomplish the setup.
What version of Logbook Pro are you using? Click Help...About and also what Edition (Standard, Professional, Enterprise)?

ok now, i have 1.9.5 and i have 1.4 on ppc.
so, i have uninstalled everything (pc + ppc) and uninstalled hotsynch, now reinstalled EVERYTHING and now i cannot get the database to push from the pc to the ppc. this is a new problem. i go through the instuctions verbatum (memorized now becuase i have done it SO MANY times) and when i push the final OK nothing happens. it acts like there is no data to push. then i try to fire up LBP on the ppc and it says 'the database required for the PPC was not found. please rerun the configuration as outlined (which i have done so MANY time now).

the main program is registed, i have a code for the ppc but i cannot get past this error to put it in.

one weird thing is when i uninstalled the desktop LBC last time, when i installed again it went straight for the database that i had last opened instead of to the 'create new or open existing' screen.

what is going on here. one thing after another. like i said at the beginning of this thread, it was working just fine (implying that my installs and Hotsych were correct) but i could not get it to synch with a new logbook database that i created. i setup a test one in the beginning and then registered and then could not synch with the new logbook that has my real times in it.

i am at wits end :-( i have paid good money for this thing and really want to use it.

unless you have a great idea, i think we need to take this down to zero, uninstalling EVERYTHING (all the little files that the uninstall program misses too) with a checklist. i am not excited about digging through the zillions of threads to piece together what i need to know. perhaps a phone call may be in order...

You mention HotSync which is a Palm sync tool. Can you confirm you are using a Pocket PC or a Palm device?

If using the Pocket PC, did you delete the "Logbook Pro" folder out from under \Program Files on your PPC? I suggest doing so, uninstall and reinstall ActiveSync making sure you are installing 3.7.1, the latest version.

You have to make sure Logbook Pro is not running on your PDA when uninstalling and deleting the folder above. Please read this thread on this subject.

When configuring ActiveSync after the partnership is deleted, it is uninstalled and reinstalled, make sure you enter the database location in ActiveSync exactly as it appears in the documentation which is \Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.cdb.

Please review this thread, especially the last message that may help you.

What version of Logbook Pro are you using? (asked in prior reply)

What OS are you using on your PC?

oh my! oh dear! listen all, there is nothing to fear. if i can do it so can you!
neal, thank you for the patience in dealing with this problem. the manual setup for the pocket access made everything push across. thing is, i did not have to do that before. perhaps changing that bullet in your help in the next version may alleviate this. i guess in this case it was a matter of me having 3.7 installed last week during the test and when things still did not work i upgraded to 3.7.1 and then ran into this new issue. i was about to explode. /Forums/emoticons/angryfire.gif
however, all is well now. now i can go on and get my books in shape.