New Feature Wish


Dec 2, 2003
Harrisonburg, VA
Hi Neal, I have been a logbook-pro user for quite a while now. While I like the software for the most part, I'd like to see a couple of things. First, how about the ability to change the appearance on start-up, both on the PC and PDA; I'm kinda sick of seeing and hearing an airplane when I only fly helicopters. While were at it, let's offer several different start-up flyby sounds to match the different aircraft choices. I'd suggest seven different choices: a piston helicopter(R44-?), a single turbine helicopter(A-Star-?), a twin-turbine helicopter(Dauphin-?), a piston airplane(Cessna 172-?), a multi-engine prop airplane(King Air-?), a corporate jet(Lear-?), and an airline jet(757-?). You could have more I guess, but that would cover the bases. Also, more on the usability level, I've discovered a need to track multi-engine turbine helicopter time vs. single engine turbine. While I can add a column for this, it doesn't carry into the analyzer as well. Under the aircraft tab in Options, under the column "power characteristics", in addition to "piston helicopter", instead of just "turbine helicopter" let's have "single turbine helicopter" and "multi-engine turbine helicopter". This would need to be in the power char. column and not class column because, unlike an airplane, the presence of an additional engine doesn't change the class of aircraft.
Yes. Good idea on the startup sounds. I'd also like to see (1) a generic UFO sound, (2) steam locomotive, and (3) the sound of George Jetson's car. Can't live without that one.
Ok, the airplane sound is so annoying now, I have finally just turned it off. I was too close to getting an AAA gun and shooting it down. Can we get some new start-up sounds please? At least a few different ones to choose from. The token airplane will always be there I'm sure, but why not a helicopter or two? Maybe a 757? I dunno.
I agree: There should be an option to get rid of the splash screen. I do not feel like wasting CPU time to just look at a smiling (MALE!!) pilot. How about having the option to look at a stewardess instead?
haha, and have neill record the A10 for startup sound...