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New update help


Dec 20, 2001

I downloaded the new LP update. As I always have in the past, I backed up my logbook and uninstalled the previous version. Apparantly the new one is just a patch (?) and I get a message saying that it is unable to install as it cannot find the program to apply it to. Any suggestions on how to get my LP back?

Hi Fred,

I'm not sure what version you were updating from, but your system may not be accepting the patch update. Not a problem, just download and install the full version from www.logbookpro.com and you'll be up and running. If there are any other problems, please fill out a support request and we'll take the details and get you running.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I notice that there is an upgrade for my logbook pro so I downloaded it to my computer at my office. I didn't want to push any of the buttons as I don't understand what to do.
I also have a computer at the airport with no dial up service that we use for our flight school records. I will use the airport logbook to record all flights and make a copy to transfer my data to my computer at the office.
Would you please tell a dummy what to do to get both computers in sync.
You're no dummy! You're using Logbook Pro!!! (okay, that was bad)

Take one each floppy disk, insert floppy into airport computer.

Within Logbook Pro, click File...Archive...Backup

Remove floppy, drive home, safely!

Insert Floppy into home computer

Within Logbook Pro click File...Archive...Restore

Voila, your logbook reflects that of your computer at the airport.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I think I lost you Neal, I have some buttons to click on the office computer because I upgraded to the new version. I didn't want to push any buttons yet because the office computer is not updated to the airport computer. I can't get into the office logbook pro because it wants me to do some stuff but says I might lose some data if I don't do it right. The computer at the airport is current but has the older version. How do I update the office computer and update the airport computer if I can not download from the airport computer.
Talk about being lost, I lost you on that one! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

You will certainly need to make sure all computers are using the latest and most importantly SAME version of the software. You'll need to download 1.7.50 from the web site and update your systems.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.