New website authentication


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APDL Beta Team
Sep 16, 2008
With the introduction of your new website I had to reset my password. This isn't an issue but why is your password authentication reset being sent through Australian severs? It wasn't until I unblocked these Australian servers ( from my firewall that I was able to get to the reset page.
The email situation is a complex one. NC Software has its own mail server but some domains seem to be blocking it such as sbcglobal, att, earthlink, and a few others (all owned by the same company). We have a new system for our newsletters and they offer email as well so I switched to that to try and improve email reliability. I haven't heard any issues until your post, and I'd say most probably won't have a problem. I'm just trying to get the best email reliability in place so people can get their password reset emails. This was put in place within the past few days so hopefully it is working well for most now.